Indulge in some hometown flavor. Our local restaurants and produce submerge you into our community with deep fried French toast from RBJ’s Family-Owned Restaurant to chocolate covered potato chips at Widman’s Candy Shop.  On the go?  Stop in to the Hugo’s Deli counter for the broasted chicken or other selections.

In the summertime, stop by the local Farmer’s Market to savor homegrown produce or take in some authentic goodies from our local shops and restaurants.


Dinner Specials

American Legion offers a daily lunch menu
Friday Nights Fish Fry 0r Steak Fry
6 – 7:30 pm


 RBJ’s offers daily specials.
See what they’ve got for you today on their facebook page.

Download a copy of these Menus:  RBJ’s Menu,  RBJ’s To Go Menu


American Legion Punch Card & Specials



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