Across the flat lands and prospering fields that give life to our community, you will find our quaint town full of unique opportunities and the people that make it as warm and inviting as it is.

At the heart of it all lies the bricks and mortar of what brought us to where we are today. Our historic downtown has of course changed significantly over the years as you will see wandering Broadway and Main, but the buildings you’ll witness instill in us our rich history and our deep roots of the yesteryears.

The longest continuously running theatre in the country, our historic Grand Theatre, remains to this day an everlasting pastime. Only steps away, a 100 year-old tradition of old fashioned sodas, the lingering aroma of hand-dipped chocolates, candy treats and what makes Broadway line with cars, the famous Chippers at Widman’s Candy Shop.

Beyond the glass windows lined with chocolate treats continue many more unique shops that provide an experience that remains long after the purchase is made. Willow & Ivy’s distinctive collections and Bridge Street Candle Companys’ hand-poured candles to name a few.

The Red Lake River meanders through our town and provides for even more of a tranquil escape as you are lured back to Minnesota’s nature right here in the middle of it all. Outside our city, the recreation and nature inspiring opportunities are endless. From golf courses to evenings with the wild, the outdoors offer birding, wildlife watching, and hiking the endless acres of prairie and woodlands.

So whether you are attracted here for the slower pace of life or drawn here through relocation or whether you’re a nature lover, fisherman, or history buff, you will find that life gets just a little simpler away from it all.